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Related post: Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2003 13:28:34 +1000 From: Iain Robertson Subject: Opposites Attract - Ch 7Copyright for this story belongs to and remains with the author. I don't have any major objection to my work being re-distributed, but ASK illegal nymphet pussy FIRST!!!This is a gay adult story with petite nymphets gallery the consequent language and images. If homosexuality and/or sexually explicit themes nymphette child porn offend you then do not continue. If these are illegal in your area, nude nymphets art legal then you have my sympathy, but you proceed at your own risk.This is nymphet index a work of fiction, and as such the characters are not bound by the usual dictates of modern society. Unsafe model angel nymphet sexual practices litlle nymphet can be undertaken with impunity only in the world of fantasy. In reality, it is your obligation and your right to play safely, sanely and healthily.I hope you enjoy my work, and if you have any comments, or ideas that may inspire new work, please feel free to contact nymphet boards me -- all emails will be answered to the best of my ability. Opposites Attract -- Chapter 7 The next few leotard nymphet days were hectic, to say the least. Jeff threw himself into this project with far more naughty nymphet pics enthusiasm than anyone nymphet incest fuck at the station had seen him exhibit in a long while. And still porno pedo nymphets he was smiling and happy. More than one of his co-workers commented on the change that had come over him, and Suzie began to find herself pressed for more information, but she knew nothing and refused to speculate. The others knew how close she could be, and gave up pumping her for gossip, but that didn't stop the rumours circulating. By Thursday morning most nymphette young teen pics of the office was bbs nymphets messages convinced that nasty underage nymphets Jeff had fallen in love, possibly even been secretly married, and the question on everyone's lips was `who is the mystery woman, and why haven't we met her yet?' Suzie herself suspected that Jeff was madly in love, but deflorated girls nymphets she held her own opinions as to the rest of it. When he was ready underwear nymphets models to tell her, he would.Michael too, was kept very busy. On Tuesday he and Phillip returned to his flat to finish cleaning it up and to hand over the keys. That afternoon, he opened the basement room that was to become their leather cave and began to clean it out. Fortunately it was already lined and dry, and almost empty. Michael teenie nymphete video noted that there were good solid beams across the ceiling, and that the nymphets european room was soundproofed by the thick stone walls. He quickly had it clean and empty, just waiting to be transformed. On Wednesday, at Jeff's insistence, he enrolled in an adult education course which was to start nymphets top in a few weeks time, to study nude japan nymphets for his School Certificate.While he was out and about, Michael took the opportunity to browse through a couple of the specialty adult shops along Oxford Street which catered for the fantasies and fetishes of leather enthusiasts. He marvelled at what was available, nymphete model gallery checking prices and getting inspiration for their kiddy nymphs cave as he explored. Several times he found himself with the beginnings of arousal as his imagination pictured himself and Jeff using and enjoying some of the more unusual `toys' that were on offer. By the end of the day he had decided that they simply must have a sling, and a `slave little stars nymphets bench' in their room, and that it needed to hentai nymphets be lined with leather as nymphet art nonnude much as possible, with at least one wall consisting entirely of mirrors. He enthusiastically told Jeff that evening of his plans and ideas, and listed some of the items he had seen. Jeff became aroused just hearing about them, and insisted that Michael let his head go, and get everything he wanted."And you'll need to pay for it," said Jeff, smiling, "So I got this for you." He handed Michael a credit card. "It's in your name, youngest nymphet pussy pics and there's no limit on it, so get out there and nymphet darlings galleries spend!" he declared. Michael started to protest, but Jeff refused to listen. "Michael, I am nymphets toons so youngest nymphets ever unbelievably happy, and it's all because of you. Use this however you want. I know you'll be making us both happy, and horny, so just do it."Thursday morning saw a brief respite for Michael until the call from Jeff he had been expecting."Okay, stud," Jeff half whispered down the line, "We need to do the studio interviews for you and Tim today. I've already called Tim and he's waiting for you, so get nymphet glamor pics Phillip to take you back out to Tim's place, and then bring the two nymphets fashion of you here.""Okay," said Michael, the beginning of nerves starting to gnaw in his stomach."It'll be okay, I promise," said Jeff soothingly. "We'll set it 3d nymphettes up like a sitting room, me and each of you on comfortable chairs, nothing to worry about."Two hours later Michael and Tim nervously presented themselves at the front desk of the television studios. They had both done their top models nymphets best to dress up for the occasion, and were ushered into a waiting room where Jeff's secretary, Suzie, quickly appeared to welcome them, giving Michael nymphet nude girl pics a long look."Mr Shaw will be model preeteen nymphet here in a minute," she said in a friendly manner. "He's just finishing up a meeting with the researchers." And then Jeff appeared, full of underagenymphets confidence, young nymphet schoolgirls and bright smiles."Tim, Michael!" He shook both their hands as Suzie watched, and led them through to the studio which had been mocked up in one corner to look like a pleasant lounge area.Suddenly there were people everywhere, questions being asked, orders given, cameras swinging this way and that, while lights were turned on and off. Someone very little nymphet mpeg who introduced himself as Nick declared that they were too dressed up, and insisted that `wardrobe' would need to find them casual clothes to make them look more like builder's labourers. A woman called Lucy had them sitting in chairs and began dabbing make-up on their faces -- "to cut down the shine from the spot lights", she reassured them. And through it all, Jeff stayed close, constantly promising that everything would be okay, and that they simply had to be themselves.When all three were attired to Nick's satisfaction, and powdered to Lucy's approval, Jeff left Michael to wait while he took Tim to the fake lounge in the corner and they sat for a while as sound and light checks were finalised. Then Jeff simply sat and asked Tim to young nymphet thong tell his story, interrupting every now and then, or prompting him from time to time. Several times they stopped and re-started where Tim had stuttered nymphet magazine 2006 or lost his train of thought, to make sure it was just right. Next was Michael's turn and as Jeff led him to the corner, he squeezed his lover's shoulder in reassurance. Again, nymphets bbs links Michael repeated clearly and carefully exactly what had happened the day he and Tim were fired, and again Jeff asked a few questions, prompted a few times, and some parts of it were re-done.Finally it was over. Tim breathed a sigh of relief, and Michael stood and watched with curiosity as people began altering the lounge room setting to make it look like another worldwide nymphets room. Jeff congratulated them both, smiling broadly."Is that it, then?" asked Tim."For today," said Jeff. "We may ask you to come back for some more questions like this, but there's also tomorrow, and that will be the hard part. I want to confront your supervisor out at the site, and I want both of you to be there. Do you think you can do it?"Tim nodded quickly, and Michael gave a nervous smile as well. honey nymphet porn Back in his office, Jeff asked again if they were both okay, and getting their assurances he promised them everything would work out for the best. He thanked Tim, nymphet thumb underage shaking his hand, then pulled Michael to a corner where they could not be seen, other than by Tim, and kissed him, quickly but sincerely."Thank you," he said softly. "Will you make sure Tim gets home safely? And I'll see you at home tonight, okay?"Michael nodded and they smiled at each other just as Suzie walked into the room. Michael couldn't be sure, but he felt she gave him an extra long look as she smiled at them."Mr Vickers, Mr Simpson? I'll show you out now if you'd like."As Michael and Tim left, Jeff hurried back to the editing room where Nick was already going over the footage they had shot. "How did we do?" he demanded."Great, boss," Nick said enthusiastically. "They both come up really well. They sound and look like honest, hard working guys who have been unfairly treated for no reason. People are really going to sympathise with them.""Excellent!""And I have more good news," free gallery nymphet Nick went on. "We've found at least four other men who were working on the site who are prepared to say that they thought both Tim and Michael were hard workers who did a good job, and that this supervisor, Ken, was a lazy bastard who liked bossing people around, and picked on both of them unfairly, and has told them since that he sacked both of them because they were gay."They'll do it on camera?" Jeff asked."One will nude tiny nymphets speak openly, because he was so disgusted with this Ken character that he quit. The others are still working there, but they'll speak on camera if we blur them." Blurring meant editing the interview before it went to air, so that the men's faces and voices were unrecognisable. "They're coming in later today to do the interviews," Nick finished. Jeff nymphets nud3e smiled."Great job, Nick. Let's get these interviews wrapped this afternoon if we can, before tomorrow's field trip."With four more interviews to do Jeff worked through the afternoon and into the evening. Finally he and his team were happy with what they had, and he began to pack messy nymphets up. From his office he called the house, and asked Phillip to bring the car in to collect him, then had him get Michael on the line."I'm sorry I'm late, my man, but I think this is going to really be a great story Michael. I'll be home as soon as I can, okay? ... Yeah, me too ... okay, see you in half an hour ... I love you!"As he hung up the phone, he smiled a long happy smile, standing and looking out of his window at the lights of the city. A quiet cough made him turn to the door quickly. Suzie was prepubscent nymphets photos standing there, watching him. He wondered how much she had overheard."Unless you want me for anything else, I'll get going, Jeff," she said tiredly."Okay, Suzie, thanks." Then he looked up to find her still staring at him with an enigmatic look.Jeff knew that he had to tell her. She needed to know that Michael was someone special, and would undoubtedly be calling him and seeing him here often."Suzie, have you noticed anything um, different, about me lately?" he asked slowly.She laughed softly. "Jeff, EVERYONE has noticed something different about you lately." He looked shocked so she pics nymphets childs hurried on. "You are so, I don't know, happy! You're always smiling, joking around. teen sex nymphets It's like you're a different person, but a much nicer, more contented one.""So what's the gossip then?" he asked, curious."Current rumours have you married unbelievable nymphets off during your vacation to some mystery woman, probably a celebrity who needs to keep her secret as much or more than you." Suzie was nymphet sex illegal honest, no point in hiding it from him.Michael laughed out loud this time. "Close, and at the same time so wrong!" he said, becoming a little more serious. "Suzie, this is strictly for your ears only, at least for the moment, okay?" She nodded agreement. "I did meet someone truly wonderful during my break, and I have fallen very much in love, but tgp nymphets it's no celebrity ..." He trailed off, not knowing how to complete the sentence, so she did it for him."No, but after this show goes to air, he might be!" she said, a knowing tiny nymphets uncensored grin on her face.Michael was little nymphets sites stunned, his jaw falling open before a slow grin spread over nymphets zoo his features as she smiled at him. "How did you know? Am I that obvious?""No, Jeff, your secret is nymphet fuck pics safe with me. but I saw the way you looked at Michael Simpson, and his phone number is yours. ukrainian nymphets galleries And I heard you just now on the phone. I didn't mean to, but I nude nymphets tgp did." She took a breath and looked seriously at him. "Jeff, I think it's wonderful, and I'm so happy for you, but nymphets cock defloration just be careful -- this business is not as broadminded as it would have you believe!"He thanked her again, little nymphete pics sincerely, and collected his things, walking with her to the underground carpark where Phillip was waiting."See you tomorrow, boss," she said and leaned up to give him a quick peck on the cheek, smiling at him and walking away.At home, he fell into Michael's welcoming arms, exhausted.The love they made that night was slow younge teen nymphet and tender. Michael could tell that Jeff was tired, and expected that he would not want to have sex, but Jeff held him tight ukranian nymphettes as lera lovely nymphets they entered the bedroom, and nymphet childs nuzzled his chin lovely nymphet gallery into Michael's neck, reaching his hand around to cup and play with Michael's balls pedo land nymphets and his swinging cgi board nymphets cock, which quickly cool nymphets began to thicken."I thought you were exhausted," Michael said, latvian adorable nymphets surprise in his voice."I am, but that doesn't mean I don't need you," Jeff said quietly.Michael picked Jeff nymphets underaged up bodily and carried him to sex nymphets models the bed, laying him gently on the covers. He began to slowly kiss and stroke at Jeff's body, running his fingers and his gallery bbs nymphet lips soothingly over his lover's skin. They pushed the leather wear, which Phillip had as usual laid out for them, to the young nymphets sex floor. Michael sensed that his man was too tired for a strenuous session of fucking this night, and resolved to hold him and love him softly. Jeff grabbed for the shocking nymphets hood as the rest of the gear tumbled from his reach, and Michael chuckled."You are insatiable!" he declared, and Jeff smiled."Oh, but look what I've got to play with," he said, wrapping his fingers around the base of Michael's nymphet cherries now thick and swelling cock.With the leather hood in place, Jeff lay back on the bed while Michael continued to lick and bite at nymphet bbs vids him. Still it was too soon to play with the nipple rings, but Michael ensured that every other part of his man's body was caressed by his tongue. He bathed Jeff's prick in saliva, swallowed and massaged his nuts, and concentrated on the sensitive skin of Jeff's perinaeum. As he delved and licked photo models nymphets nue at the twitching hole of Jeff's anus, Michael soaked the pink rosebud with his saliva, lavishing spittle upon the wrinkled muscle.Michael lifted Jeff's supple and compliant body to himself, and leaned into his man, sliding his cock slowly, gently into the accepting ring of little naugthy nymphets Jeff's sphincter. He probed Jeff nude jailbait nymphets slowly and deeply, thrusting in and out then rotating his hips to drive his penis into every corner of Jeff's cavity. He made long, driving love to his man as he looked in excited arousal at the hooded face and took possession of the soft innards of its owner. As nymphets lsm he made love to Jeff, Michael caressed and massaged Jeff's cock and balls, his fingers playing with the solid, hard tube of flesh and the rolling orbs in the sac of skin, until he brought Jeff to the point of climax. As Jeff's body shuddered over the peak of blissful passion, Michael continued to hump and thrust into the writhing body, watching as Jeff's cum pooled in a lake of white cream on his comics nymphets stomach.As Jeff's ukrainian angel video nymphet eruptions subsided and his breathing began to slow again, Michael gently eased his throbbing, engorged cock from the glorious warmth of Jeff's bowel, and knelt over his man as Jeff's eyes peered from their leather mask at him. Already close to the edge, Michael gripped his nude nymphets modeling prick in his hand and flailed at himself, pumping his meat above Jeff's prostrate form. Jeff reached out, and n n nymphets his palm closed around Michael's testicles, gabbing and squeezing at the heavy balls and Michael shook, twitched and gasped as his ejaculate forced its way up and out of his rampant nymphet boy photos tool. He aimed his weapon down toward Jeff's abdomen, and the fruit of his loins splashed onto the brown skin, mixing with the reservoir of cum Jeff had already deposited there.Spent, Michael collapsed youg nymphet little on his side, lying against Jeff's body, his still hard penis pressing against Jeff's leg. He trailed his hand down and his fingers dipped into the pool of cum on Jeff's abdomen as Michael twirled the sticky jism around, combining both his own and Jeff's semen together. Scooping up a large glob of nymphets taboo nymphet free post the mixture, he licked at his hand, tasting the salty sweet juice and savouring it. Jeff watched as Michael did this, his own cock which had dark nymphets portals begun non nudes nymphet model to flag twitching back into life again. He followed Michael's lead, and nude nymphet stars collected some of the mixed goo before spooning it into his mouth with his hand. As he too indian nymphets nude began to russian virgins nymphets taste their joint essence, Michael leaned into him, and they kissed. Their union was complete as the cocktail of their outpourings was joined again, passed back and forward between their lips and then swallowed by the two men. Completely sated, they lay together, and Jeff began to doze. Michael carefully slipped the leather hood from his lover's face as Jeff drifted into contented, if sticky, sleep.To be continued ...This story is a fantasy, it bbs latinas nymphets is not real and only happened in my imagination. YOU MUST REMEMBER that lsland nymphet angel in the real world, you can DIE from having unsafe sex. It is your right and your duty to make sure nymphet sex cp that condoms are always used, whether you are giving or receiving. It doesn't naked teen nymphets matter how good looking or how ugly he is, and it doesn't matter whether you are top or bottom, USE A CONDOM!
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